Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert

Constable Paul D. Staudt
2008 – 2010 Quartzsite Justice Court JP-4
La Paz County, Arizona

Let me first start off by introducing myself. I have an extensive background in Law Enforcement before I served as the Constable (2008 to 2010) for the Quartzsite Justice Court JP-4 of La Paz County, Arizona. I served not only as a Reserve Police/Sheriffs Deputy, as well as a Regular Line Officer. I have had the honor of additional collateral duties of Training Officer, Crime Scene Photographer, Criminal Investigator, SWAT/TAC Sniper, Grant Writer, Traffic Safety Officer, with Classified Federal Service.

My studies in Law began in 1968 as a Student Pilot and soon I discovered that I had a true love for the Law, The Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights, and Constitutional Case Law. I continued my studies at Olympic College in Administration of Justice with renowned instructors Dr. Leonard Stiles (23 years F.B.I.) and Earl Fisher (20 years Seattle Police) with additional studies in Child, Abnormal, and Criminal Psychology. Even after my medical retirement forced by injuries while on duty, I still continue my studies and research in State, Federal Laws/Regulations, in honor of my cousin and my former partner killed in the line of duty. Both men served and died with distinction and honor, both leaving behind their wife and children.

I have a personal and working knowledge of Chief Jeffrey Lloyd Gilbert and the Quartzsite Police Department. As a witness and victim, I have compiled Documents, Evidence, Interviews, Videos, Audios, and Case Reports over four years when Jeff Gilbert was Chief of Police in Quartzsite, Arizona. In my “Professional Opinion”, the Evidence is so compelling that it will clearly prove that a majority of complaints filed against Chief Jeffrey L. Gilbert, the Quartzsite Police Department, and the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona are true! Had this evidence been placed before a Grand Jury, “True Indictments” would have been issued. You be the Jury.

These Criminal Complaints, Court Records, Videos, Audios, and Documents are available for your review just by clicking on the link below to start your journey into the Investigation of Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert. This information covers over four years and was placed into an easy navigational system for your convenience. After your reviewing of this information, you will be left with many haunting and terrifying questions. Was he hired to serve and to protect you and your family? Is he using his power as Chief of Police to force good Police Officers to do un-lawful actions just to keep their jobs? However, with the facts, documents, videos, audios, court records, and complaints against Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert, one must ask the greater question;
WHo would hire this man, and WHY?

To Protect Your Family & You

 1. It is advisable to know/have a good Criminal Attorney before you need one. Keep his/her phone number with you at all times. Have them explain to you your Constitutional Rights under the Law. What to do/say during a traffic stop or contact with Law Enforcement Officers.

 2. While you have the Constitutional Right of Free Speech, don't argue, curse, or threaten ANY Law Enforcement Officer. The time to argue your cause/case is in a Court of Law before a Judge! Then and only then are you on a level playing field…

 3. “You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” During a traffic stop, ANYTHING you say can be used against you even if you have NOT been given your “Miranda Warning” by the Arresting Officer!

 4. Know for a fact if Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert is working in your area or any area that you travel or plan to travel through! If so, let your Attorney know this information and about this Web Site. If you have to go to court, your Attorney is entitled to “Brady Discovery” and it will be important that he/she knows about this man and ANY officers under his command.

 5. Remember, less than ½ of 1 % of Law Enforcement Officer are bad cops. The odds are that the officer you will face takes his Oath seriously “To Protect and To Serve.” They risk their lives everyday saving lives and protecting your Rights & Freedoms. Show them your respect and be polite; your experience will be much nicer than if you don't!

 6. Law Enforcement for years has been using “Dash Cams” and “Body Cams” to show in court the criminal activities of the people they have arrested with GREAT success! Keep this in mind. Technology has improved and prices have dropped in the civilian market. One such device offers the ability to record Video/Audio/GPS/Speed for later playback. Others offer Video/Audio in the forms of watches, pens, body cams, and hats.

 7. One only has to view the recordings on this Web Site and You Tube to find where the rare “Bad Cop” has been exposed by their unlawful actions and Civil Rights violations that lead to justice being served; because that violation was recorded and presented in a Court of Law or Criminal Investigation Unit. It is no longer a case of “He said, She Said,” it becomes, “Film at 11” on the evening news!

 8. Let your family and friends know about Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert and this Web Site if you care about their safety. Let your Attorney know about this information to and let them know they can contact us as we have victims of Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert that are willing to come forward and testify.

 9. Once when accused of being a racist, bigoted Pig, with a smile I responded with, “Moi? Moi? You must have me mistaken with another Traffic Officer, because I write traffic citations regardless of race, creed, sex, religion, or inability to pay”! Please remember the attitude of the customer is in direct relation to the number of Traffic Citations received…

Miranda Warning

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