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On August 18th, 2011, Detective Peter M. White #4932 of the Arizona Department of Public Safety conducted an interview of Quartzsite Police Officer James C. Kemp, Q-35. This interview is considered a legal sworn statement in the formal Criminal Investigation of Chief of Police Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert, Case Number: DR #2012-027462.

The embedded You Tube video above is just a short, but very important part taken from one of the three-recorded interviews, with Officer Kemp as part of the Special Investigations Unit of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The statements made here will be the foundation behind our “Investigation of Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert” as related to the Criminal Cases listed above. Please keep in mind that statements made my Officer Kemp are considered a sworn statement, and if false, could bring criminal charges from Perjury to Obstruction of Justice! Fact, Officer Kemp and the other fired Quartzsite Police Officers all PASSED their Pre-Employment Polygraph Exams. Their statements, when questioned, made against Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert were found to be “Truthful”!

After Officer Kemp and nine other members of the Quartzsite Police Department filed formal Criminal Complaints against Chief Jeffrey (Jeff) Lloyd Gilbert, the Town of Quartzsite and Chief Gilbert moved to have all the complainants fired along with a formal action with AZPOST to have their Arizona State Certifications revoked! Because ALL fired former Quartzsite Police personnel PASSED their Pre-Employment Exams, the Member Hearing Board voted to close the complaints made by the Town of Quartzsite with “No Action” on December 19th, 2012.

You will be presented, when possible, reports, documents, court papers, videos, and audio records to allow you to make up your own mind.

You be the Judge. You are the Jury...

Because each Case Evaluation will take months to complete,
please check back often for updates and information!


We wish to report that an additional 26.1gb of information has been recovered. This new information will provide additional unseen videos & documents. This information will be added to our Case Evaluation as time permits.

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